Husky Energy Maidstone Spill

Because of the Husky Energy pipeline Maidstone spill I would like everyone to be aware of the Enbridge pipeline that is running across the great lakes, please take some time to watch this vice documentary. The Great Lakes contain 1/5th of the world’s fresh water, and supplies 35 million people with drinking water. If this ageing pipeline ruptures the clean up will be much more challenging and affect many more people.


Bruno Lions ATV & Horse Rally 2015

2016 Quad Rally Saturday October 17th Registration 11am – 2pm All riders must be back by 5:30pm Quad trail Approx. 40 Miles Horse trail Approx. 7 Miles Lunch for $2 on the trail Pancake Breakfast 9am – 11:00am Hands 1-$10 or 3-$20 Helmets are mandatory For more info contact Danny Picouye at 306-369-7654 or Alain